Production capacity and efficiency

Deburring process quality and control


Process accuracy from part to part

Safety of deburring operations


Manual uncontrolled work

Defects, non-conformities and scraps

We supply Plug&Play Robotic Deburring Cell MillingCAB with dedicated CAD-CAM software to perform full deburring of hydraulic manifolds in order to remove burrs and defects inside internal cross-drilled holes and hollows and, if required, external burrs.

Main features

  • User-friendly software that allows to create full cycle robot program with the intuitive graphic interface and obtain full cycle simulation before its execution (also off-line).
  • Full machining/deburring cycle from only one placement
  • Touch probing for exact workpiece alignment
  • Automatic tool change and preset for wear control
  • Possibility to be integrated with other robots
  • Industry 4.0 ready

MillingCAB in action

No robot programming skills are required.
Easily operated and programmable system.

CAD-CAM program system based on graphic interface that manages all movements, singularities and tool change.

Postprocessor dedicated to application, self-compiling.

Automatic part program transfer to robot for production start.


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